Trailblazers in digital growth
and performance marketing

Our bottom line is all about stellar results. The K team of extraordinary digital superheroes includes specialists in every aspect of digital growth and performance marketing - from strategy and planning through creative, technology, analytics and optimization - to creatinge a powerful digital performance machine.

Vision in the Digital World

“We’re building the future of digital business, and my mission is to continuously stay one step ahead of the game. I believe in having a solution ready, even before customers ask for it.”

Elroi Buchman – Founder and Director

The Digital Transformation

With more than 18 years of Extensive experience in Marketing, Product, Business Development, Innovation and Digital Transformation Eldad brings to the table a Visionary, creative, accomplished, and results-driven approach to help brands, companies, and ideas through analyzing market opportunities and creating new business models.
Previously, Eldad was The SVP of Alljobs group as the CMO and CDO and helped the brand become the largest recruiting and employment platform in the Israeli market.
former to that, eldad was the VP digital and product ideation with Publicis group for more than 9 years at a variety of roles at Arc interactive, E-dologic and Publicis Israel and in 2007 as one of the Co-founders of Sekindo LTD.

Eldad Avitan – CEO

The World of Media

Nati brings more than two decades of experience to the table – from SEO to performance and inbound marketing to SEM, media and more. He leads the MarTech team through program strategy, roadmap and execution. His innovation-focused role has a unique emphasis on researching emerging technologies to drive business results. He loves to dress his dog in embarrassing winter sweaters.

Nati Bichler – VP media and Martech

The World of Technology

Yishai is a K Logic Co-founder whose specialties include web development, application development, SEO, SEM, internet marketing, and big data. Before building K, he gained experience as a software engineer and programmer. He’s also an avid unicyclist and can hula with five hoops simultaneously!

Yishai Shemesh – Head of Data & Machine Learning

Customer Relations and Success

Golan has extensive experience in formulating strategies and managing Digital Growth execution. He defines and sets company goals, formulates the business plan, compiles forecasts, defines company vision, and creates conceives transformative activity and new customer acquisition strategies. “When change is constant, brands and companies need to constantly change. Our job is to help our customers in their journey from thinking digital to being digital”.


Golan Caspi – Chief Business Officer

“You bring an ability, we make it into a career”

Over the last ten years, Hila Kahana has built our organizational DNA through her unique approach of connecting the unexpected. Our goal is ultimately to recruit the best people in the digital world and insist on the realization of their full potential. Hila leads our efforts to put people at the center of everything we do, from talent retention and management training to actualizing our values and maintaining organizational DNA throughout.

Hila Kahana – Chief People Officer

Come work with us!

We will take you from the constraints of a “job,” to pushing the boundaries of a CAREER!


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We won’t rest until you’re happy.

We are true fanatics about the success of our customers and look forward to sharing the risk and the rewards. We are efficient and effective at delivering the best ROI, and we are ready for you to receive all the benefits of working with our account managers who are experts in all things digital. We will mentor and coach you through every step to make sure you get the expertise that you need, when you need it.

Our Customer Success Services include

Comprehensive project management.

Operating as the lead point of contact for any and all matters.

Planning and implementing digital strategies.

Analyzing and optimizing efficacy of digital campaigns.

Execution of the digital processes.

Managing all ongoing digital activity.

Looking for rock star Customer Success services?

We've got you covered.

Everything you need to grow, and a detailed plan to help you hit the ground running.

Our mission is to generate growth and our research and strategic planning focus on how to achieve the largest growth possible. From budget to audience analysis and KPIs, we develop a go-to-market plan for digital marketing. We can offer a full assessment of insights, opportunities and threats, as well as market segmentation and personas mapping. Our survey services include brandformance, concept, consumer insights, brand awareness, and product feedback. Whether you’re a digital startup or an established brand, we deliver a roadmap to get you to the finish line.

Our Strategy and Research services include:

Detailed digital marketing roadmap.

Go-to-market plan for a new company or new products.

Market research.

Customer journey mapping.

Comprehensive survey services.

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We've got you covered.

We let the data drive the creative.

Our superstar team leverages data to enhance content and creatives that drive your campaigns across every channel at every stage of the customer journey. We manage the entire process from strategy, design and implementation of smart, sophisticated and accurate digital content all the way to segmentation and personalization of target audiences to build content-based campaigns. We also offer comprehensive A/B testing on every campaign to improve results.

In the end, it’s not about subjective creativity, it’s about managing the customer journey through data and thinking out of the box to create content that brings results at every touch point.

Our CXO services include:

Creative digital content production from A to Z.

Complete content and messaging strategy.

Continuous analysis and optimization.

Characterization, construction and development of digital assets.

Looking for rock star CXO services?

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Understanding and optimizing the customer journey.

Powerful technology provides us with more and more data but there is no value to data without insight. To understand the customer journey and optimize it at every stage, you need expertise, and that’s what we provide. From stakeholder interviews and business consulting to competitive audits and measurement strategy, we will help you to identify the relevant data and provide the tools and guidance you need to understand it.

We delve deep for insights into your customers’ data including eCommerce and native app tracking, integrated data and marketing analysis, integration solutions and cross-platform integration. In addition, we leverage statistical modeling and machine learning solutions for defining audiences, attribution modeling, predictive analysis, budget allocation optimization and customer journey analysis. To optimize, we provide funnel analysis, multivariate analysis and personalization.

Our Data and Analytics services include:

Analytics strategy and an insights-driven business plan.

Advanced analytics implementation.

Comprehensive analysis to level up with new insights.

Conversion rate optimization.

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A tailored SEO strategy and execution plan, delivering transformative organic results and growth.

SEO offers unmatched ROI when compared to other acquisition channels, but it’s also one of the most complex to manage and optimize. That’s what makes it the perfect challenge for our super-competent team of specialists.

We combine strategy, content, technology and innovation to provide transforming organic results and growth. We use a mix of manual and automated tools to map out your products’ competitive landscape and online arena. We also strive to ensure efficient website crawling and indexing, hierarchy and URL structuring, for maximum Google readability and ranking potential.

Our organic search ninjas map content for topic clusters, stages in the customer journey and buyer personas with techniques based on Google’s most up-to-date best practices. The keyword strategy is perfected to support a synced SEO and business strategy that will bring to you the prospects you were looking for.

Our Organic Search services include:

Strategic keyword research.

Technical SEO audit and gap analysis.

Technical on-page optimization.

Content distribution strategy for link building from relevant publications across the web.

Site migration management.

Looking for rock star Organic Search services?

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We have one goal: to help you grow.

We will help you reach consumers and capture sales. We offer a one-stop shop for building, marketing and scaling eCommerce businesses across the web. Our end-to-end eCommerce support includes consultancy and coaching, through solution-build, implementation and continuous optimization. We offer marketing analysis, store management (setup and optimization), marketing campaign management and consulting, as well as implementation and management of a tailored commerce assessment solution. Our retention campaigns are based on marketing automation platforms that increase customer share, prevent churn and build relationships.

Our eCommerce services for independent e-commerce sites and for marketplaces include:

Comprehensive project management.

Operating as the lead point of contact for any and all matters.

Planning and implementing digital strategies.

Analyzing and optimizing efficacy of digital campaigns.

Execution of the digital processes.

Managing all ongoing digital activity.

Looking for rock star eCommerce services?

We've got you covered.